Tempo shade solutions are born of the European penchant for elegant outdoor living. 
Indeed, our company and our first factory were formed 14 years ago to sell shade products focused on the European  market. 



Uncompromising Quality
Working closely with our retail customers, we honed our skills to meet the exacting standards of quality ingrained in European craft cultures for centuries.  
For this reason, quality equates to both ‘State of the Art’ production methods and innovative materials at Tempo.  We have also come to distinguish ourselves from competitors by achieving unrivalled efficiency in production through a rare combination of quality and speed to market.  


Fashion Leadership
But for end use consumers, what truly sets Tempo apart is fashion and design.  There is no mistaking our eye for color and style - whether it's a shade solution for lounging at the pool, sharing great times with friends and family on the patio, or for dining al fresco. 
Our fashion and design teams study trends in interior design, ready-to-wear and couture apparel years in advance, so we are first to convert trends into fashion-forward outdoor shade products. 
Specialty retailers lead the industry in the introduction of style and fashion, and you can look to Tempo Patio to help meet and exceed consumer expectations in this area.



Expanding Our Reach
Our first factory opened in Ningbo, China in 2008 and today we are a worldwide supplier of shade products with multiple divisions.  In tandem with our ever-increasing market share, we opened a second, larger production facility in 2011. In 2016, we opened our 3rd factory which is focused on the specialty market and its need for upgraded product, flexible production MOQ’s and innovation. Today, our combined facilities total approximately 750,000 square feet of production space and we ship over 1000 containers during the peak season each year to worldwide destinations.



New U.S. Headquarters 
& Management

Tempo Patio’s new U.S. Headquarters will oversee sales, marketing, product development and customer service to North American customers. Our management team is composed of industry veterans with many years of experience in both the shade and outdoor furniture categories - professionals capable of tailoring programs specifically to grow your business in the shade segment. This new move is the next step in our mission to create, produce and distribute the best shading products in the world.







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